[sylpheed:32999] Re: Reproducing jumping folders problem

Laurence Darby ldarby at tuffmail.com
Thu May 21 02:35:19 JST 2009

rhubbell wrote:

 > [snip]

This has also been bothering me.  If I had time to debug it which I
don't, I would recompile sylpheed & gtk with -g and run sylpheed under
gdb. Make that xterm always visible/ontop, then just before clicking to
trigger the jump, Ctrl-C the debug, click on the now suspended
sylpheed, then start step'ing/next'ing through it in gdb, line by line
until the jump happens, then get a backtrace, and then keep repeating
that whole process, getting deeper backtraces, until you find where it
hits the lowest level gtk function that does the scroll.  Then show
that to Hiro or the gtk devs....

Any volunteers? :) 


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