[sylpheed:32991] Reproducing jumping folders problem

rhubbell Rhubbell at iHubbell.com
Wed May 20 07:24:02 JST 2009

I think I may have narrowed it down.


1) have a 3-pane view: folders along the left, messages top-right,
message bottom-right

2) configure so that messages are selected but not displayed (not sure if
this is required)

3) create folders and sub-folders, I have 130 folders (cd ~/Mail; find .
-type d |wc -l)

4) expand all the folders on the left

5) select a folder near the top of your folder list with your mouse

6) now scroll down using the folder scrollbar (if you don't have a
scrollbar you don't have enough folders) and select a message in a
bottom folder.

This should cause the jump, it does for me and I've been able to repeat

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