[sylpheed:32978] Folder scroll problem

John Coppens john at jcoppens.com
Sat May 16 03:48:24 JST 2009

Hello people.

This problem has been reported before, but I can't find any recent
references, and I'm somewhat confused it hasn't been solved yet (either
in sylpheed or in GTK+). I reported it a long time ago and was told it's
a GTK+ problem.

The problem appears when clicking on some folder in the left folder
column, which makes it jump far away (out of sight). After a couple of
times, it seems to behave again. It's quite unpredictable though, and I
couldn't find any trick to avoid the jumping.

I'm somewhat surprised so few people complain about this issue, so I'm
now suspecting I may be doing something wrong here. Can anyone update me
on the status of this problem?

I run Sylpheed 2.6.0, compiled with GTK+ 2.16.0 and glib 2.20.0, so
I'm fairly up-to-date.


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