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Sat Mar 14 08:00:09 JST 2009

Thanks a lot, the technique you suggest works perfect. My only problem was that I did not realize I had to create a .mbox file for each folder and each subfolder (no recursion here).
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On Fri, 13 Mar 2009 12:19:52 +0100
Massimiliano Marini <max at linuxtime.it> wrote:

> > I am moving from one linux box to another and I have part of my mail
> > archive on one box and part on the other. How can I merge the two
> > archives?
> Export each folder in a .mbox file and then Import each file in your
> finally Linux box.
> As Per Danielsson said, Sylpheed give to messages new seqeuence numbers.
> If there are duplicate messages you can use the "Delete duplicate
> messages" from "Tools" menu.
> Hope this helps
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