[sylpheed:33016] Reply to list button doesn't work

miche schuasdahiasl.miche at mail.by
Tue Jun 9 20:39:30 JST 2009


i have installed Sylpheed 2.6.0 under Debian Linux Testing/Squeeze from
the offical binaries.

In this version the button Reply to list doesn't evaluate the Header
which looks like: 'List-Post: <mailto:sylpheed at sraoss.jp>'. Instead it
takes the adress from the Repy-To header, and if it doesn't exist, it
takes the adress of the From header.

On the sylpheed list this approach works well, because in the reply-to
header there ist the right adress. But on other lists there is the
Reply-To Header not set by mailman and then the button don't work.

I would think that it would be nice to take the adress out of the
List-Post header at first if someone presses Reply to list.

I dont know if this is a known issue and/or already fixed but hasn't
been uploaded to debian.


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