[sylpheed:32832] Request for ui improvement

Dennis Nezic dennisn at dennisn.dyndns.org
Fri Jan 23 13:26:25 JST 2009

When opening a new Compose window to type up an email, in the "From:"
drop-down list, if there is a rrreally long email address listed there,
say, for example, a freenet freemail address :b, the window's width
automatically resizes itself to that absurd width. (Which in my case
happens to be even wider than my screen.)

So, is it possible to either omit the email address from the list--just
use the account name (probably not the best option, since it might make
it a little harder to read which "identity" you're currently using), or
instead enforce the previously saved width value--and not have it
resize the window to the width of the drop-down list?

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