[sylpheed:32824] Feature request: send mail via IMAP

Evgeni Golov sargentd at die-welt.net
Wed Jan 14 19:38:35 JST 2009

Hi Hiro and everyone else!

Currently it's kind of ugly to send bigger mails from a slow connection:
the mail is sent to the smtp server and the copied to the sent folder
on the IMAP server (the latter can be disabled, but I want to have the
sent mails in a central place).
My IMAP server supports sending mails directly via IMAP:
Place a mail into INBOX.Outbox and it will be sent (but not copied to
INBOX.Sent) (the server is a courier imap).

Would it be possible to implement a feature that mails will be sent by
placing in a special folder and copied to the sent-folder from there,
thus uploading the mail only once to the server.


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