[sylpheed:32820] Error on deleting with Gmail IMAP

Pavlos Parissis p_pavlos at freemail.gr
Wed Jan 7 22:36:51 JST 2009


When I try to delete a mail I get 

** LibSylph-CRITICAL: folder_item_move_msgs: assertion `dest != NULL' failed
** LibSylph-CRITICAL: folder_item_scan: assertion `item != NULL' failed
** Sylpheed-CRITICAL: folderview_update_item: assertion `item != NULL' failed

I use Gmail IMAP and my delete folder points to #imap/Gmail (Imap)/[Google Mail]/Bin.

Even the send and draft folders point to similar directories under #imap/Gmail (Imap)/[Google Mail]/,
sending and saving mails work without problems.

Has anyone seen that?


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