[sylpheed:33452] Text in preview header cut under windows border.

Antonio Ospite ospite at studenti.unina.it
Tue Dec 29 08:50:47 JST 2009


there is a little glitch in the header of the preview window (and
panel), when the text (either the Recipient list or the Subject, or
both) is longer than the window width it is cut under the border in an
unpleasant way. It is even more unpleasant when an X-Face is present.

See the attached images, on the right side.
This is one of those small, insignificant issues that obsess you once
you notice them :)

Could we fix this by "ellipsizing" the text, or wrapping it to a new
line? In the case of X-Face we should also take into account the X-Face
width and set a right margin to the text, so it doesn't get overlapped
by the image.

I'll try to cook a patch to fix this, but feel free to anticipate
me, as I am still studying sylpheed code and GTK+.


Antonio Ospite

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