[sylpheed:33440] using a lot of cpu in X11 related tasks when downloading all messages from IMAP

Attila Kinali attila at kinali.ch
Thu Dec 24 21:46:48 JST 2009


I haven't had the time to try 3.0 yet, hence i'm still on 2.7.1,
but i'd like to point at something that i just figured out.

I use sylpheed also on my laptop, with which i'm more often offline
than online. My mailserver provides me with an IMAP directory structure
that is quite deep (~200 folders, including subfolders) and contains a
lot of mails (~800k) with the biggest folders being around 40k-50k mails.

As i'm often offline with my laptops, but like to have my mails with
me in case i want to look up something, i tend to download them all
to my laptop regularly.
I noticed that this takes a substantial amount of time (up to several hours),
even if done regularly. And sylpheed seems to often sit around and doing
nothing but require a lot of CPU time. The more mails per folder, the
longer the time it did "nothing" on that folder.

Now i was running sylpheed remotely from my desktop on my laptop and
noticed, that the CPU usage of my desktop went up exactly at the times
when sylpheed seemed to stop. Having a closer look, it was the X server
that used up that CPU time on my desktop, communicating with the sylpheed
instance on my laptop.

Ie it looks like that sylpheed does a lot of X related tasks while
downloading all mails, altough it should not.

Has anyone an idea what that could be and how this "idle" time could
be reduced?

Thanks in advance

				Attila Kinali

Moslems sind hier nicht erwünscht!
		-- Das Schweizer Volk

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