[sylpheed:33387] sylpheed build issuees on ubuntu 9.10

MK halfcountplus at intergate.com
Sun Dec 6 01:34:14 JST 2009

That is, it seems to build fine, but when you click compose, it segfaults.  This is true for both 2.7.1 and 3.0.0beta sources.

The reason I need to build it is I use a few different distros on my desktop for development purposes, and if I'm working in one for the day, I like to stay there, so I use the same mailer and keep my mail, sypheed settings, etc. in a small mounted partition.  Slyheed built and runs fine on fedora.   There is a ubuntu package -- but it doesn't have gtkspell enabled!  (Kind of a ridiculous oversight...)

Anyway, if anyone actively deals with this list, I can try and trace this in gdb.  Since someone built the ubuntu version, maybe you guys know what's up?  I really really need spell checking ;)
MK <halfcountplus at intergate.com>

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