[sylpheed:33383] Re: reversed button order ?

Cristian Secară orice at secarica.ro
Fri Dec 4 04:32:44 JST 2009

On Thu, 3 Dec 2009 20:08:22 +0100, Michael Ross wrote:

> It doesn't for me. "Discard" is perfectly placed on the right
> of this dialog. You close the window: red X in the upper right corner,
> and a double-check window pops up, with the option you are most likely
> to choose as close as possible to where your mouse is and where your
> eyes are.

Not quite. This dialog appears often when I close repetedly a lot of
opened windows and come to the Sylpheed compose message window which I
*don't* want to close (happens something like I just click on the X
accidentally), so in that moment I think "no, cancel" and I click
mechanically on the place that usually is the Cancel button, except that
this time I loose the draft.

Putting menus and buttons in approx the same place across applications
on a given operating system is an efficiency issue for the user.

(an vague example -- a Linux user expect the Preferences to be
under Edit, while a Windows user expect the Preferences to be under
Tools; I am not saying which one is better, but is best to keep a
consistency, at least on same OS)


Cristian Secară

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