[sylpheed:33381] Re: reversed button order ?

Michael Ross michael.ross at gmx.net
Fri Dec 4 04:08:22 JST 2009

On Thu, 3 Dec 2009 10:23:50 -0700
Gene Goldenfeld <genegold at peoplepc.com> wrote:

> Well, the box's text about save draft never made much sense to me
> because it's invoked by clicking on the X button, a willful act to
> discard.  Plus, if I want to save the message as a draft, there's a
> button up top that I would have clicked.  That said, I do understand
> the usefulness of a double check.
> I think you are correct that the order in XP is counterintuitive. The
> Linux order, or even the Windows standard order, makes more sense.

It doesn't for me. "Discard" is perfectly placed on the right
of this dialog. You close the window: red X in the upper right corner,
and a double-check window pops up, with the option you are most likely
to choose as close as possible to where your mouse is and where your
eyes are.
I'd argue that the left and right buttons are more prominent to the
users perception, so the option you are least likely to choose should
be in the middle. "Cancel" is there. You closed the window, so you will
a) discard your message or save it; undoing the close is what you will
not do in most of the cases.
I actually do read these three-button dialogs left-right-middle, and
ever and ever again it takes me three looks to find wireshark's discard
button, which is in the middle.


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