[sylpheed:32922] Undo/redo functionality

Petr Kovar pknbe at volny.cz
Sun Apr 5 01:26:16 JST 2009


For a longer time, I've seemed to have some difficulties with understanding
how the Sylphed undo/redo functionality actually works. Or whether rather
unpredictable program behavior relates somehow to the operating system
being used (encountered on Windows XP here, primarily).

So, when I'm composing quite a long message with lots of editing and -
now this is important - cut and/or paste a portion of text, then execute
the undo/redo command, Sylpheed starts to behave way too long from what the
user might expect, that is, it doesn't remove or re-add the text as
intended, rather it wrongly modify the text of the message here and there,
regardless of the cursor position, or the text selected, or it does
nothing at all. Now, if I execute the said commands like for four or five
times consecutively, Sylpheed crashes.

Anybody with similar experiences?

Petr Kovar

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