[sylpheed:32338] Re: Sylpheed 2.5.0rc released

Gene Goldenfeld genegold at peoplepc.com
Thu May 22 01:14:42 JST 2008

John Thayer <sm0oojzz+sylph at fastimap.com> wrote:

> > The Win32 patch installed ok, except for the second straight time the
> > main sylpheed.exe file wouldn't drag-and-drop over, but had to be
> > manually copied.  Windows Explorer (XP) is seeing the files as
> > identical, even with the different dates.  Anyone else have this
> > happen?  I'm not sure if it is a Syplpheed issue or a new quirk in my
> > WinEx.
> > 
> If you are dragging a file into a directory that has the same name as a file already in the directory, it will always ask you if you want to replace that file.  It's not relevant what version, file size, date, etc, that the file is when performing that operation.  The message box gives you the name, size, and dates of both files with the option to copy it or not.  Windows will never over-write a file in a copy operation without asking you.

I think you misunderstand.  I've been using the same method of patching
Sylpheed going back to late 2005. Unzip puts the files in a separate
folder and then I highlight all the pieces and drag-and-drop them into
the main Sylpheed folder and then choose overwrite (or replace) all.
It's only with these last two patches (beta 3 and RC) that WinExpl has
given an error message with the sylpheed.exe file (only), saying that
file already exists and so cannot be copied. I'm not sure why that's
happening and thus where the problem is, which is why I posted.

Gene Goldenfeld

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