[sylpheed:32278] Re: deleting newsgrouppostings from local sylpheed-database

Reinhard.Irmer at skba.de Reinhard.Irmer at skba.de
Mon May 5 21:55:47 JST 2008


>On Tue, 29 Apr 2008 11:35:26 +0200
><Reinhard.Irmer at skba.de> wrote:
>> how can I do that on winxp? 
>> The delete-button is greyed :-(, 
>> no rule like ....older than x days is possible, 
>> so only storing evident postings in local groups and deleting
>> completely the datafiles via winexplorer clears sylpheed. That's
>> inconvenient :-(
>Use 'View - Update summary'

After pressing Strg-Alt-U the messages will stay in listview :-(. Also
after restart sylpheed

>or the context menu of the folder view.
>It will clear the all local caches.

in german it is named "Update Zusammenfassung". This doesn't work too.
The messages are still be seen. Also after restarting sylpheed.


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