[sylpheed:32160] no main window with --compose

Douglas, Jason jdouglas at clarington.net
Thu Mar 20 01:41:39 JST 2008

Hello Everyone,


I apologize if this has been covered elsewhere, I could not find it
while searching.


Is there a way to launch sylpheed with no main window when composing a
mail? What I am aiming to do is have sylpheed be a default mail client
for a program, but the main window is never needed (in fact I can't have
it stay open after the send, or the program doesn't work). I guess the
main window would be OK as long as it closed after the send.


All users on the system get the same sylpheed profile copied; this is
for sending mail only. And they are supposed to never see it.


Any help for my dilemma? If anyone has any suggestions for a different
email client that I can accomplish this, that would be fine too. I have
thought to use Outlook Express but it is too complicated to copy the
same account settings and everything to each user. With sylpheed I just
have to copy the one sylpheed profile folder to each user.


Thanks for any help.



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