[sylpheed:32126] Re: Sylpheed 2.5.0beta1 released

bojster sylpheed at bojster.net
Sat Mar 1 07:01:27 JST 2008

Cristian Secară wrote:

> Great, but regarding html attachments, I am still waiting for an option
> for the attachment symbol to show only when a message has useful
> attachment type (what everybody calls an "attachment", i.e. any file
> type presumably attached on purpose by the sender, like pictures,
> documents, executables, archives).

I second that.

> Maybe a customizable list like
> "ignore attachment signalling for the following content types:
> text/plain, text/html, application/pgp-signature" or something.
> I mentioned this once in message 27884.

Seems a reasonable solution.

> (and I'm still wondering why nobody does not complain about the strange
> undo behaviour when composing a message, where random characters
> are starting to be inserted (usually multiplying some existing
> characters) when undoing several times back; nobody is undoing ? or is
> this Win32 specific ?)

I have encountered it on several occasions, but it never bothered
me all that much.


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