[sylpheed:32424] Re: [PATCH] building with gtk+ >= 2.13.1

Michael Schwendt mschwendt at gmail.com
Fri Jun 13 04:20:23 JST 2008

On Thu, 12 Jun 2008 20:38:15 +0200, Enrico Tröger wrote:

> >  #include <gtk/gtkwindow.h>
> >  #include <gtk/gtkentry.h>
> >  #include <gtk/gtkeditable.h>
> > +#include <gtk/gtk.h>
> >  #include <gtk/gtkclist.h>
> >  #include <gtk/gtkscrolledwindow.h>
> But when adding gtk/gtk.h, the other includes can be removed as they
> were already included by gtk.h.

Sure. Removing the other includes would make the patch longer and
less trivial, though, for anyone wanting to fix the build. :)

Instead of including gtk.h I'm sure there is another header (or several
thereof) that could be included as a cleaner fix. The compiler error
starts like this:

In file included from /usr/include/gtk-2.0/gtk/gtk.h:221,
                 from /usr/include/gtk-2.0/gtk/gtksignal.h:32,
                 from /usr/include/gtk-2.0/gtk/gtkclist.h:34,
                 from prefs_display_items.c:33:
/usr/include/gtk-2.0/gtk/gtkctree.h:110: error: expected specifier-qualifier-lis
t before ‘GtkCList’

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