[sylpheed:32533] Patch for new feature: sort by received date

Phil Vandry vandry at TZoNE.ORG
Wed Jul 30 10:18:31 JST 2008

Hello Sylpheed users,

In certain folders, I like to sort mail by received date (the date the
message arrived in the mailbox) instead of the message date (the date &
time stamp attached to the message by the sender) but Sylpheed does
not support that. Sorting by the received date is sometimes useful
to guarantee that messages are seen in order in case the Date: header
on the message is wrong.

I have attached a patch to add a "Received date" column to the message
summary view. It is not shown by default but if you show it then you
can sort according to this column.

It was also necesary to add some code to download the information
about the received date (known in IMAP as INTERNALDATE) because
the information wasn't retrieved before.

I hope this patch can be integrated into Sylpheed.

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