[sylpheed:32501] Re: GPG - I cant read my sent eMails

Godwin Stewart gstewart at bonivet.net
Mon Jul 14 17:59:47 JST 2008

On Mon, 14 Jul 2008 10:51:31 +0200, Jens Voege <meuterich at web.de> wrote:

> Problem:
> Who can i read my sent eMails? The sent eMails are saved crypted in my
> sent folder but i cant read it again. But why?

Is gpg encrypting the outbound mails with the recipients' public keys *and*
yours? If not, then *only* the recipients can decrypt them.

Make sure you have a line like this in your ~/.gnupg/options file:

encrypt-to 1234ABCD

and replace 1234ABCD with your own public key ID.

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