[sylpheed:32050] POP3: Not get messages already on account?

Andreas J. G ajg at inbox.com
Thu Jan 24 06:30:35 JST 2008


Is there a way to only get messages that haven't yet been downloaded?

I have a real worthless email provider (Inbox.com) and it looks like they don't support getting more than 10-15 messages at once. Then the server closes down the connection and I get a "Timed out". So if I want to get all the messages in my inbox (all 700 of them), I need to find a way to continue to get messages from where Inbox.com broke the connection..

I can't make Inbox.com only send me emails through pop3 that I haven't yet fetched. They don't support automatic deletion of mails or any other feature that would make this possible.
So every time I click "get" I get the same 10-15 messages! I can't download the rest...

Does anybody know a solution to this? If all else fails I will get the messages, then I'll remove them gradually using the web interface (ALL 700 of them!!!...) Then I'll ditch this piss-poor excuse for a provider forever. But I'd rather have something automated do it for me.

Anybody have some idea?

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