[sylpheed:32018] Re: G_FILENAME_ENCODING?

Andreas J. G ajg at inbox.com
Sat Jan 12 22:23:01 JST 2008

I have put both "G_FILENAME_ENCODING=@locale" in my /etc/profile, because I don't want to use UTF-8 for filename encoding. Maybe later I'll do that. :)
Thanks for the info!

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> "Andreas J. G" <ajg at inbox.com> wrote:
>> The locale encoding is not UTF-8, but the environmental variable
>> G_FILENAME_ENCODING is > not set.
>> If the local encoding is used for file name or directory name, it will
>> not work correctly.
>> In that case, you must set the following environmental variable (see
>> README for detail):
>    ...
>> I do not wish to find my emails corrupt or wrongly encoded after I fetch
>> them all, or find out in > 2 years that I can't import the mails into
>> another e-mail client... :)
> Hi,
> this warning is about filenames, not the files' contents. I had such
> problem
> with my gmail account because it names the folders according the user's
> native language. If you have no such folders you don't have to worry, but
> it
> is safest to either set "G_BROKEN_FILENAMES = 1" or
> "G_FILENAME_ENCODING=@locale" in your /etc/profile.
> And the best solution of course, is to use utf-8 ;)

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