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Oliver Meißner-Knippschild lists.o at la-familia-grande.de
Tue Feb 5 20:15:55 JST 2008

Hi Francesco,

mailing - effem wrote on Mon, 4 Feb 2008 11:41:24 +0100:
>I'm using Sylpheed from long time, but I'm using it with POP3.
>Now, I'd like to use dovecot (installed on my debian server) as imap
>server. I know Sylpheed works fine also with IMAP, but the problem
>is... how can I move my old emails from POP3 management to IMAP?
>Dovecot IMAP server save emails into directory structure like:
>- cur 
>- new
this is the so-called maildir-format.

>and if I have:
>- dir1
>  - dir2
>I have:
>  cur
>  new
>  cur
>  new
>The email on IMAP server has a "strange" name.... like 
>   1201971580.Vfe03I400009cM364298.yen:2,S
>where "yen" is the name of server
these filenames includes many meta-information for dovecot like some
flags if the mail is red/unread and so on.

>Now, sylpheed save namefile  mail like: 1, 2, 3, 4...
>So I think that it's necessary something that convert my email name
>and directory structure in something like this....

I think the easiest way to do so is to add your IMAP-account to
sylpheed and keep your old one as well. Then move all the Mails from
your old account to the IMAP-folders. 
I think this could be a solution if you don't have to handle with
hundreds or thousands of folders.

I just know about some tools that provide the other way: from Maildir
to mbox, but that's definitely not what you need. 

Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Best regards,
Oliver Meißner-Knippschild <lists.o at la-familia-grande.de>

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