[sylpheed:32792] Sylpheed 2.6.0 released

Hiroyuki Yamamoto hiro-y at kcn.ne.jp
Fri Dec 19 13:53:36 JST 2008


The stable version Sylpheed 2.6.0 (2.6.0-win32) has been released.

2.6.0 includes several new features and feature improvements,
reliability improvement, and bugfixes.


Changes from 2.5.0

    * New features
          o The POP3 remote mailbox feature, which enables the direct
            view/download/deletion of messages on POP3 server, was
          o The backups of configuration files are kept for four
            generations now.
    * Feature improvements
          o Enchant (with GtkSpell 2.0.13) has been supported.
          o When creating filter rule automatically, the target header
            field is used as a default filter name.
          o The Japanese manual was updated.
          o In the folder selection dialog, only folders which are
            expanded in the folder view are expanded.
          o The folders which should not be selected in the folder
            selection dialog became unselectable.
          o Unix: Only new messages are counted when incorporating from
            local mbox.
          o Unix: SIGHUP/SIGINT/SIGTERM/SIGQUIT signals are handled now.
          o Win32: System shutdown event is also handled on debug mode.
    * Bugfixes
          o The parser of IMAP4 was fixed.
          o Warnings about --datarootdir on running the configure
            script was removed.
          o The bug that the addressbook window was not refreshed
            when sender of message was added to the addressbook was
          o A workaround for raw-JIS filename used for attachments
            (specifically Eudora) was made.
          o The compilation error when using GTK+ 2.14.x was fixed.
          o Some build fixes were made.
          o Several bugfixes were made.

Changes from 2.6.0rc

    * A workaround for raw-JIS filename used for attachments
      (specifically Eudora) was made.
    * Some build fixes were made.

Hiroyuki Yamamoto <hiro-y at kcn.ne.jp>
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