[sylpheed:32588] Re: sylpheed crashes when sending mail

Mario Wehbrink biowalker6 at yahoo.de
Fri Aug 22 17:32:12 JST 2008

Enrico Tröger <enrico.troeger at uvena.de> schrieb:


> @Mario: build sylpheed from source with debugging symbols enabled,
> trigger the crash and then check the backtrace. And/or install the gtk2
> and glib2 dbg packages of Debian.

Did that now. Since i found no debug configure option, i build sylpheed
without debugging symbols enabled. The self compiled version runs without
errors, just as the debian packages did until last week or so. Think i'll
just stick with the self compiled version, since noone else seems to have
the problem.

> Try to remember which packages you upgraded when it first happens and
> if they could be related to Sylpheed in any way. I know this is a hard
> task but it'd be helpful if you can't get a meaningful backtrace.

Yeah, would be great, but i dont send that many mails (sometimes onyl 1-2
a week), so i simply can't tell exactly when it happened and what (libs) i



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