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joe joe at hostedcontent.com
Sat Aug 16 02:49:53 JST 2008

Gene Goldenfeld wrote:
> joe <joe at hostedcontent.com> wrote:
>> sm0oojzz+sylph at fastimap.com wrote:
>>> On Thu, 14 Aug 2008 18:37:07 -0400
>>> joe at hostedcontent.com wrote: 
>>>> Yes, you should be able to drag and drop your old folders on to the imap 
>>>> account setup within your client and those emails will now be on the 
>>>> imap server.
>>> You can set up folders on the IMAP server by using your email client or by logging into your account though the webmail interface.  You can copy or transfer any local messages into the folders on the IMAP server from inside your mail client.  I would not recommend drag/drop folders from your local client to the server in case all info does not move over to the server for some reason.  If you copy things over, you can then check to make sure what you expect to be on the server is truly there.  Then you can delete your local data if you so choose.
>>> Open a free account and try things out.  If you don't like it, abandon it.
>> Good point! I moved two clients over from pop3 to imap and had them drag 
>> and drop their folders over. We're talking thousands upon thousands of 
>> emails and hundreds of megabytes of storage. Neither one of them 
>> encountered any problems. Outlook (ick) did keep the local folders 
>> intact after they finished their drag and drop. If your client would 
>> delete the drag & dropped local folders then definately copy them 
>> instead of "moving" them.
> Thanks very much for clarifying this.  One last question.  I can see the
> advantages to the email co. and the user for IMAP.  Assuming a reliable
> server, are there a downsides to IMAP vs. POP? 
> Gene
I hit send a little too quickly. The only downside i can see is that 
your storage requirements will increase when running an  imap server 
since all the mail is kept on the server until it is deleted by the client.

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