[sylpheed:32254] Re: Gutsy > Hardy upgrade deleted Sylpheed

John Shane jslists at mtwafrica.org
Mon Apr 28 05:43:43 JST 2008

> Hello John,
> First, I think Claws is supported somewhere else, so there may be a
> better list to get Claws help. (They have also dropped the Sylpheed
> part of the name.)  As to recreating the accounts, try copying them
> from your laptop.  Sylpheed keeps all its information in
> ~/.sylpheed-2.0/ or since Claws surely wasn't using that directory,
> copy it from the directory Claws was using if it still exists. 
> Not knowing much about Claws current development, I don't know how
> compatible the account files are, but it used to be possible to move
> between the applications.
> Good Luck,
> Bob W.

Following on what Bob has written, if you copy over your email
directory(s) from your laptop and also copy the ~/.sylpheed-2.0
directory you will have all your emails, settings and accounts as
they should be.  John S.

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