[sylpheed:31763] Re: Odd attachment problem

Daniel Déchelotte maitre_yodan at fr.club-internet.invalid
Thu Sep 27 18:51:57 JST 2007

Hiroyuki Yamamoto a écrit :

> Bruce Bowler <bbowler at bigelow.org> wrote:
> > When I right click on that attachment, the "view as text" option is
> > greyed out.  Shouldn't it be an available option, especially when
> > sylpheed should know it's text???
> The file is already displayed as text, so it's meaningless to enable
> the option.

That is correct for strictly text/plain attachments. For text/html
files, it could be useful to have the "view as text" option back, to
display the attachment without HTML-related processing (kind of "view
HTML source," in a web browser). Just a though.

-- Daniel

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