[sylpheed:31727] Re: Feature request: Sent mail into current folder

bojster sylpheed at bojster.net
Sat Sep 22 06:30:18 JST 2007

Frank Elsner wrote:

> I miss the possibility to have sent mail put to the current folder.

It might not be the solution you seek, but here's what I do:
I have separate folder for certain people, so I have set up
a filter which puts mails addressed to these people in relevant folder.
It works well, though sometimes when I click on that folder I see my
sent mail marked as unread, which is a bit buggy. But it's not all that
bad. I can't think of any way of configuring sent mails to be put into
the current folder - it will always be some named folder, whether you
use configuration or a filter. I guess you might mean mails sent to
mailing lists (in which case you should probably change mailing list
settings so that you receive your own mails - which would give you
complete threads at the expense of doubled messages) or simply a folder
where you keep correspondence with your workmates (in which case you
would need to set up a bunch of filters to make it work) but I hope it
helped a bit anyway.


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