[sylpheed:31667] IMAP folder tree refresh

Manfred Usselmann usselmann.m at icg-online.de
Thu Sep 6 00:58:47 JST 2007


I'm using Sylpheed mainly as an IMAP client from different locations and
have a problem whenever I add or delete a folder. To make a new folder
visible or a deleted one disappear at the other locations, I need to
refresh to whole folder tree which invalidates the mail cache for all

This means whenever I access a folder for the first time after the
update, all the headers are downloaded again, which takes a long time
for large folders. I have several folders containing between 10000 and
70000 emails...  It gets even worse when accessing search folders which
need the whole message for the search (happens e.g. with Cc: as search
criteria). Then all the messages including body and attachments are
getting downloaded again.

One possible solutions I can think of could be a new function which
checks the tree on the server for new or deleted folders but does not
invalidate the cached mail data for existing folders... Or change the
current function accordingly. I believe under most circumstances there
is anyhow no reason to throw away all the cached mail data.

Another option would be to add a subscribe / unsubsribe function, which
is currently completely missing.

Btw.: Is there any up-to-date package for Ubuntu available somewhere?


 Manfred Usselmann                           usselmann.m at icg-online.de

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