[sylpheed:31665] aspell errors on compiling 2.4.5

Geoff capsthorne at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Sep 6 00:40:20 JST 2007


I have just changed distros to Arch Linux and decided to
install a number of its maintained packages rather than do
everything myself.  Those packages do not include sylpheed,
but aspell-0.60.5 and gtkspell-2.0.11-2 are available, so I
installed those (I checked that the header files are
installed too).

Compilation of sylpheed-2.4.5 now aborts with the output
quoted below:

compose.o: In function `compose_set_spell_lang_menu':
reference to`new_aspell_config' 
reference to`get_aspell_dict_info_list' 
reference to `delete_aspell_config' 
reference to `aspell_dict_info_list_elements' 
undefined reference to`aspell_dict_info_enumeration_next' 
undefined reference to`aspell_dict_info_enumeration_next'
reference to `delete_aspell_dict_info_enumeration' 
collect2: ld returned1 exit status 
make[3]: *** [sylpheed] Error 1 
directory`/myfiles/source/sylpheed-2.4.5/src' make[2]: ***
[all-recursive] Error 1

I could uninstall the supplied aspell/gtkspell and compile
my own as I used to - but I am curious as to why this
should be happening.

Any thoughts?



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