[sylpheed:31661] Re: Deleting duplicate messages

Massimiliano Marini max at linuxtime.it
Mon Sep 3 07:55:31 JST 2007

> I'm having a problem with the 'Delete duplicate messages' menu option.
> Often I receive a message (via POP), read it, and then receive it
> again (through a different POP account).  When I do 'Delete duplicate
> messages', the original one is apparently removed, and the remaining
> one is left marked unread.  This seems wrong, since I've already
> actually read the message.  Am I missing something?  Is this behavior
> configurable somehow?

In my case when I have 2 duplicate message .. one "marked" read and one
marked "unread" the "Delete Duplicate Messages" function remove the
message that is marked "unread".

There's no option for this behavior, but I think is better to remove
the message marked as "unread".

My +1

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