[sylpheed:31874] Re: Analysis of Sylpheed features as Windows appl

Petr Kovar pknbe at volny.cz
Fri Oct 26 02:47:21 JST 2007


LUIGI FELICI <lqhminei at ngi.it>, Thu, 25 Oct 2007 16:42:55 +0200:


> Also about the marks, the attachment mark as it's now is pretty useless
> IMHO, as any message I receive which is not plain text got an
> attachment, so it would be very usefull to me to have a filter for
> attachment type, so far we have in Sylpheed "Has attachment" or "Not
> Has attachments", but I hope more users would need a filter like
> "Attachment is html" or "Attachment is gif", and so on. Maybe so also
> the Search messages tool filters and the mark icons could be updated to
> that.

I can second that.


> This was already asked, why not changing the "From (me to...)"colum to
> the usual  "To" column in the Sent pane? Also this "From (me to...)"
> column is not easy to sort at first. Moreover sorting could be enhanced
> with a selection: by user name or by domain.

The NEWS file reads:

"* 2.4.6 (stable)

    * The 'To' column was added to the summary view."

Perhaps you should update your copy of Sylpheed to the above version
or preferably to the latest release (i.e. 2.4.7 currently).

> And more about displaying HTML messages: they are never render with the
> images they may have, neither into Sypheed nor using "Open with..." IE
> browser, images can be displayed separately but not in the HTML context
> as indended by the author of the message.

The use of HTML emails grows considerably these days (or it's just my point
of view, reflecting the state of my inbox). In my opinion Sylpheed
(otherwise a great client) is really missing out on the HTML thing.

Petr Kovar

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