[sylpheed:31872] Analysis of Sylpheed features as Windows appl

LUIGI FELICI lqhminei at ngi.it
Thu Oct 25 23:42:55 JST 2007

Hello everybody,

I'm using Sylpheed for one year now on Windows XP, many thanks to
Hiroyuki Yamamoto for developing it and making it available for Windows.

So I'd like to share my impressions and, as hopefully usefull
contribution, I'd like to share some ideas about Sylpheed.
The features I will talk about may sound of secondary importance but
they affect the daily usage of Sypheed, at least for me.
 (Please forgive my English mistakes)

Before using Sylpheed I was an Eudora user, since I don't like Outlook.
Also I only use plain text messages and many small attachments for my
job. The latest Eudora is to "heavy" for me, so after many trials of
severl clients I chose Sylpheed, which is quite fast and with good
stability and portable (to other PCs and external drives). 

My main PC for e-mail is a ThinkPad notebook but the Trackpoint page
scroll feature doesn't work in Sylpheed (not recognized I guess), so I
must use the scroll bar of the window or the keys.

One other thing is that if I open in a new window a message from Inbox
and I reply using the menu (Alt+M, R) then the icon with the bent arrow
is not displayed on the summary list and you can't even "mark as
replied" later.

Also about the marks, the attachment mark as it's now is pretty useless
IMHO, as any message I receive which is not plain text got an
attachment, so it would be very usefull to me to have a filter for
attachment type, so far we have in Sylpheed "Has attachment" or "Not
Has attachments", but I hope more users would need a filter like
"Attachment is html" or "Attachment is gif", and so on. Maybe so also
the Search messages tool filters and the mark icons could be updated to

Currently seems possible to search for "Any headers contains text/html"
to select an html attachment for istance, but it doesn't work for all
messages, maybe it works with regex but it's an hard way for me.
Or with "Result of command"?  Assuming we have an exe which parses 
message contents.

A thing I miss after searching is a readout of the number of messages
found and the ability to delete one message directly, by the Search
messages window.

One more for the Search messages window. We can currently select a
subset of the found messages using Shift+click but no operation can be
achieved on that subset, it would be very nice to be able to copy, move
or delete them all at once.

Sometimes I miss an Undo command for the moved or copied message
between foders.

This was already asked, why not changing the "From (me to...)"colum to
the usual  "To" column in the Sent pane? Also this "From (me to...)"
column is not easy to sort at first. Moreover sorting could be enhanced
with a selection: by user name or by domain.

And more about displaying HTML messages: they are never render with the
images they may have, neither into Sypheed nor using "Open with..." IE
browser, images can be displayed separately but not in the HTML context
as indended by the author of the message.

For my work I need to send small files as attachments and also to
archive the messages I sent, but I do not need to archive the
attachments as I just need to save a reminder that I did sent the file
but not the file itself. Unfortunately I didn't found a way to save
only the text of my message and with it something like "the attachment
was filename.rar", so my Sent folder is growing bigger and bigger very
fastly and waisting space from my drive.

Another strange thing in the Sent folder is that if I double click on
one item in the summary it opens in a Compose window, 
(and that's wrong IMHO), but the items in the subfolders of Sent 
they open in a View window.

Thanks for reading,

Best regards,



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