[sylpheed:31841] Re: Filters in Sylpheed?

Frank Lanitz linux at partysoke.de
Fri Oct 19 19:26:27 JST 2007

Hi Herbert, hi list, 

On Thu, 18 Oct 2007 22:16:21 +0200
Herbert Loose <herbertloose at gmx.net> wrote:

> My question: Is it possible to leave or/and delete unwanted mail on my
> mail-server (gmx, pop3) without downloading it first?

I don't know, if it is good idea to delete unwanted mail by using
pop3. Maybe it would be better to create some kind of filter directly
at gmx and save unwanted mail into a special folder. 

Hmmm, well. If you want to create some kind of blacklist (e.g. don't
download mails from your mother-in-law) or whitelist (e.g. only download
messages from 'sales at viagra-sales.com'), it should be possible in
general with pop3, but I'm not sure, if sylpheed is able to handle such
things. But something is already possible: You can set up a
size-limit for mails that should be downloaded (Account options ->
Receiving / Einstellungen -> Einstellungen für aktuellen Account ->
Empfangen). But if you want to use some kind of text filtering like
bogofilter does, it's not possible without downloading the mails. So it
hardly depends on what you want to do :D

I like the basic spam filter at a server and doing spam check (with
bogofilter) and filtering after downloading just because I'm using a big
number of e-mail accounts and I don't want to set up rules for
filtering at every mailserver

> It seems to work, but AFTER downloading the unwanted (and in filter
> defined) mail (much time on my slow modem!)

I know the problem very well. Got >>200 (over 2MB) Mails each day and
also got only "normal" modem. 

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