[sylpheed:31783] Feature request: Error messages should tell with which account they happen. Not unusefull don't you think ; )

kazaam kazaam at oleco.net
Wed Oct 3 00:22:43 JST 2007

this is something which stresses me from the first minute I use sylpheed but I never wanted to cry about it but when I see what other feature requests here happen this should be one of the more reasonables.

I mean these popup-errormessages telling something like: session timedout and thinks like that. Would it be to hard to insert a string in these boxes telling with which account it happend? I mean I'm managing 12 accounts at the moment with sylpheed which autocatch new mails every 30min. So when I come to my pc and look and see such a popup-message I can't do anything with it because I don't know with which account it happend?

kazaam <kazaam at oleco.net>

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