[sylpheed:31051] Re: question: Gesendetverzeichnis

Daniel Déchelotte maitre_yodan at fr.club-internet.invalid
Tue Mar 20 07:36:00 JST 2007

Bruce Bowler a écrit :

> Daniel Déchelotte:
> > What I am proposing:
> > 1) In outbox, show the recipients for all emails. Change "From" to
> > "Recipient" and fix the column sort (right now, it sorts by From but
> > shows the To field, that's a weird experience). That doesn't need a
> > configuration option IMO.
> In 2.3.0 (and I presume later versions as well) if you select, from
> the menu, view>>sort>>by recipient, it will sort by the first "To:"
> address. [...]

Good point. I will try and remember that for the time being. :)

> I seem to recall that the subject came up before (perhaps a year or
> more ago) but I can't recall what Hiro's answer was (and don't feel
> like searching the archives to find out)

Could it be http://www.tmtm.org/cgi-bin/w3ml/sylpheed/msg/25801 ?
Or some more informative message? Anyways...

Daniel Déchelotte

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