[sylpheed:31041] Re: question: Gesendetverzeichnis

Daniel Déchelotte boite_a_spam at club-internet.fr
Fri Mar 16 01:09:08 JST 2007

Bruce Bowler a écrit :

> Daniel Déchelotte:
> > I think that in the outbox folder (and only it), the recipients
> > (either "To:", "Cc:" or "Newsgroup:") should always be displayed,
> > and the "From" header should be changed to "Recipients". Or make
> > the option you cited above do that. Isn't it always what the user
> > want and expect?
> Which "To:", Which "CC:"?  Suppose I send a message to 5 primary
> recipients and CC 3 other people?  What about folks I might have
> BCCed?  

Well, let's write them all, and let the toolkit take care of clipping
to the available width. Just like sylpheed is doing today, but only for
mails for which it recognizes the "From:" field.

> I think it's a question of screen real estate

I don't think so, or I'm missing something.
I think the problem is/was that:
1) Sylpheed cannot trust all mails in outbox have actually been sent
(the user might have moved emails there for whatever reason). Maybe
that's why sylpheed attempts to detect what emails have actually been
sent, therefore missing some.
2) Sent emails may be moved out of outbox (e.g., to have a properly
threaded discussion), and sylpheed must have a way to detect those. It
is okay to fail to detect some of them (manggled From address...).

What I am proposing:
1) In outbox, show the recipients for all emails. Change "From" to
"Recipient" and fix the column sort (right now, it sorts by From but
shows the To field, that's a weird experience). That doesn't need a
configuration option IMO.
2) In every other folder, no change to the current policy, same
configuration option.
2-bis) Couldn't the criteria to detect whether the email was sent be
improved? For example, the absence of both "Received:" and "Path:"
headers (covers email and news) could be easier and more reliable.

-- Daniel

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