[sylpheed:31452] Re: Read Receipt with Sylpheed

Laurence Darby ldarby at mips.com
Sat Jun 16 01:55:53 JST 2007

Stefaan A Eeckels wrote:

>When a function is not present, one cannot use it. When it is present,
>those who don't want to use it need not use it. I have no need for
>IMAP, but the fact that it is supported by Sylpheed doesn't bother me.
>I know many people who resent receiving encrypted or even signed
>messages, but that is, IMHO, not a reason not to support encrypted

Ok, that's a fair point.  I still think Hiro's time should be spent on,
well anything else really.

>I would vote for the inclusion of MDN functionality (both requesting an
>MDN and the ability to send one if requested). Being able to enable it
>globally, on a per account or per folder basis would make it easy for
>those who don't like it to switch it off. 

So if it is implemented it would need to off by default, and perhaps
several steps to activate it, like the above plus a confirmation before
sending, for both a message with a request and a reply to a request.


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