[sylpheed:31433] Re: Some GUI suggestions

Gene Goldenfeld genegold at highstream.net
Thu Jun 14 22:11:05 JST 2007

wikianer at googlemail.com wrote:

>I'd like to make some suggestions for Sylpheed.
>Currently I am using:
>- Sylpheed 2.4.2
>- GTK+ 2.10.11 / GLib 2.12.11
>- Operating System: WinXP SP2
>1. Pressing the buttons "Prev/Next" sometimes causes Sylpheed to
>display the message "No unread messages found. Go to next folder?" It
>would be fine if there were an option to toggle this behavior. I'd
>personally prefer that Sylpheed should always go to the next folder
>without asking me every time.

In Win32 that only means it's reached the end of the list; there may be
unread messages before that but after where you started.  Thus, that
dialog is a compromise.  I just wish its (and other dialog) buttons
responded to keystrokes (y, n, s) instead of requiring mouse action.


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