[sylpheed:31431] Some GUI suggestions

wikianer at googlemail.com wikianer at googlemail.com
Thu Jun 14 22:14:45 JST 2007


I'd like to make some suggestions for Sylpheed.

Currently I am using:
- Sylpheed 2.4.2
- GTK+ 2.10.11 / GLib 2.12.11
- Operating System: WinXP SP2

My suggestions:

1. Pressing the buttons "Prev/Next" sometimes causes Sylpheed to display the message "No unread messages found. Go to next folder?" It would be fine if there were an option to toggle this behavior. I'd personally prefer that Sylpheed should always go to the next folder without asking me every time.

2. I would like to suggest an advanced "Get" button. The button should offer a drop-down list (similar to the "Forward" button). The drop down list should contain the following:
- Get all (same function like the current "Get all" button)
- delimiter
- Account A (get mail for account A)
- Account B (get mail for account B)
- Account C (get mail for account C)
In my eyes, such a button would make receiving mail via the GUI quicker and more comfortable. (I was inspired by Thunderbird's "Get All"-Button).

3. "Configuration -> Common Preferences -> Display - Folderview" offers to display "message number columns in the folder view". If one activates this, three columns appear (new, unread and total). It would be fine, if one could choose which columns are displayed. For example, I am only interested to get the total number of mails displayed. Another thing: In the line of the mailbox name, there are no numbers displayed, but only the "-" character. In my eyes, it would look clearer if no sign at all instead of the "-" character would be displayed.


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