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Gil Andre andre.g at wanadoo.fr
Sun Jul 22 20:55:31 JST 2007

Hello Eike,

On Sat, 21 Jul 2007 08:27:51 +0200 Eike Nicklas <lists at ephys.de> wrote:
> I use one email account and have several adresses forwarded to this
> account. When sending messages, I need the possibility to send emails
> with different "sender's profiles", (i.e. different from- and
> reply-to-fields, different signatures and different gnupg-options), but
> I could not find this option in Sylpheed. (If it already exists and I
> just missed it, sorry for the noise!)

1) Define the different profiles.
2) Click on "Compose".
3) Select the desired profile by clicking on the "From:"
drop-down menu.
4) You are done.

Or am I missing something?

Best Regards,

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