[sylpheed:31526] Differences between Sylpheed and Claws Mail?

wikianer at googlemail.com wikianer at googlemail.com
Mon Jul 16 03:11:17 JST 2007


1. If I remember correctly, Sylpheed Claws was some kind of development version of Sylpheed. The purpose was to implement new features in Sylpheed Claws and - if they were regarded useful - to implement them in Sylpheed, too.

Now Sylpheed Claws has become Claws Mail. I wonder if the above-mentioned relation between Sylpheed/Sylpheed Claws is also valid for Sylpheed/Claws Mail?

2. Currently, I am using Sylpheed. I wanted to try Claws Mail, too, but unfortunately, there are now up to date binaries for MS Windows (I am not using Linux yet).

Could therefore anybody be so kind and enumerate the main differences between Sylpheed and Claws Mail for me (only from the perspective of a user)? 

What I have already found out:
* Claws Mail supports various (useful?) plugins
* ...


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