[sylpheed:30988] Re: New message counts, global search folders, IMAP blocking

Gene Goldenfeld genegold at highstream.net
Thu Feb 22 05:43:17 JST 2007

Jason LeBrun <gnome at jasonlebrun.info> wrote:

>1. I subscribe to a lot of mailing lists. I want to know how much
>unread mail is in mailing list folders, but I don't want the messages
>to be included in the new message count. As far as I can tell, there
>is no way to enable functionality like this. I've considered two
>	*Adding a filter action that makes a message no longer
>	"new" (but still unread) *Adding a folder option that excludes
>	new messages from the total "new message count"

The first already occurs (much to my dislike).  Each time you bring in
messages (open Sylpheed, Get/Get all) the New message count is reset if
there are any in that folder.

Interesting little thing with your email.  The two * lines show
on different lines in regular view, as if there is a line break
between the two, but in the Reply screen they are wrapped together, as
above.  Was there a line break between the two?


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