[sylpheed:30893] Re: Sylpheed 2.4.0beta3 released

bojster sylpheed at bojster.net
Thu Feb 8 01:50:03 JST 2007

Mario Wehbrink wrote:

> This is really a nice feature. What i do not like in the default setup is,
> that the 'Junk' button is next to the 'Delete' button. Sometimes when i
> want to delete a email, i accidentally mark it as junk. This is quite
> annoying. Maybe you could change the default setup and place that button
> somewhere else or add a sperator between them.

Since some users support this suggestion, I'd like to say that the
button placement is just fine in my opinion. 'delete' and 'junk'
buttons serve similar purpose and it's good that they're next to each
other. At the same time, their icons are very different, so it's easy
to tell them apart. It also wouldn't look good to separate them with
a line, because they logically fall into the same group. That said,
it's really good that Sylpheed finally allows for toolbar customisation
and that everyone can modify it to suit their needs.

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