[sylpheed:31121] auto conversion from UTF-8 to ISO-8859-15 fails

spaetabends at web.de spaetabends at web.de
Wed Apr 11 21:22:46 JST 2007

using Sylpheed 2.3.1, GTK+ 2.10.7 / GLib 2.12.8 on WinXP Pro SP2

Hello Sylpheed users,

first of all thank you Hiro, for that really great program!

When composing a message that contains characters like "äöüß", Sylpheed
picks the right charset ISO-8859-1 at sending. But when using "€", the
symbol for Euro-currency, conversion fails and it says "can not convert
the charset of this message (from UTF-8 to ISO-8859-1). Send with UTF-8
As far as I know, ISO-8859-1 does not contain the €-symbol. Instead
ISO-8859-15 should be used. When setting the encoding charset to
ISO-8859-15 manually, conversion and sending works well and the
message reaches the recipient encoded correctly.

All my settings (transfer-encoding, standard-charset and
standard-charset when sending) are set to 'automatic'.
Sorry, if the English settings and error messages are not literally. I
translated them from German.

Can anyone confirm this behavior? What do I have to do, to make Sylpheed
picking the correct encoding?


Christian Ernet

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