[sylpheed:30280] Re: Auto-checking mail only for current account.

bojster sylpheed at bojster.net
Mon Oct 30 04:08:06 JST 2006

Gene Goldenfeld wrote:

> Under Configuration > Edit Accounts, do you have all your accounts
> checked in the "G" column?  With 2.3.0b3/Win32, I just ran a test and
> found those unchecked in that column do not get picked up by auto-check.

Sorry, but you are also missing the point. I want the 'get mail from
all accounts' button to get mail from all accounts (that have it checked
in G column), but I want auto-check to only get it from the current
account (like 'get mail' button). A separate option of whether to
autocheck a given account (just like the option of whether to
include the account in 'get from all') would be a good solution, but of
course it cannot be done now, so I'm asking for any other suggestions.

PS. Sorry if the button names are different, but I'm not using the
English version of Sylpheed, so I'm actually translating them back.

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