[sylpheed:30279] Re: Auto-checking mail only for current account.

Gene Goldenfeld genegold at highstream.net
Mon Oct 30 02:13:04 JST 2006

bojster <sylpheed at bojster.net> wrote:

>Hello, list.
>Is it possible to tell Sylpheed to only auto-check mail for the current
>account? Unless I'm missing something, currently it's only possible to
>auto-check for all accounts (all that have 'check all gets mail for
>this account' ticked, anyway) or not auto-check at all. I have a main
>account - that I want to be auto-checked frequently - and junk account,
>e.g. for mailing lists - that I only want to check once in a while and
>not be bothered by 'hey, you've got mail!' blinking.
>Thanks in advance for any suggestions/patches.

Under Configuration > Edit Accounts, do you have all your accounts
checked in the "G" column?  With 2.3.0b3/Win32, I just ran a test and
found those unchecked in that column do not get picked up by auto-check.


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