[sylpheed:30255] Re: bogofilter

Bob White bob at bob-white.com
Thu Oct 26 11:46:57 JST 2006

On Wed, 25 Oct 2006 22:54:49 -0300
Ricardo Nabinger Sanchez <rnsanchez at wait4.org> wrote:

> On Wed, 25 Oct 2006 19:19:09 -0600
> Bob White <bob at bob-white.com> wrote:
> > Sorry Ricardo but now I'm really confused.  I have three commands:  one
> > for "Junk", "Not Junk", and "Classifying command".  Where are you using
> > the -u -I and where are you using -S -n -I and -N -s -I?
> In the Configuration dialog, I have:
> Junk: bogofilter -N -s -I
> Not junk: bogofilter -S -n -I
> Classifying command: bogofilter -I
> However, I also have a filter that is in position #1, with:
> [Result of command] bogofilter -I -u
> This is an old time filter, dated back when Sylpheed incorporated bogofilter
> filtering.  Perhaps it is not needed anymore?  In this case, I should update
> my Classifying command to "bogofilter -I -u" and remove the old filtering
> rule.

OK, I had forgotten about needing a [result of command] filter for
bogofilter.  I have one of those also. Now that you've pinged my
memory, it seems like that filter was needed to get bogofilter to do
anything before all the rest of the filtering was done.  There is now
an option (2.2.7) to do junk mail filtering before normal filtering so
maybe the [result of command] filter isn't needed.  I'll delete it and
use the -I -u filter for the Classifying command and see if my
filtering improves (or get's worse :)

Thanks for the help.

Bob W.

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